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For those who are looking for a quick and alternative way to using spreadsheets to display their Moxy CSV data here is a option. It is done through ZeroPace Training Log software. 

The benefit of this is that you simply download your Moxy data through the Moxy App and then import the CSV file into ZeroPace. There is no messing around with charts. You then have SmO2 and tHB displayed correctly on two separate Y axis as you would in a spreadsheet. Below two display examples. Please note at the time of writing this (2 Nov 2013) that this is still in Beta Version and the update for the trial and purchased product will hopefully be release soon. I have used their software over the last 2 years and am very satisfied with what they have to offer. Here is a link to their software

zeropace screenshot2.jpg 
Zeropace screenshot.jpg

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