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wowww lots  of typos  in Benet clients.

Now  here  a dangerous  cook book. 
 In many cases  when you do a  the  left and right leg assessment  with 2 moxy    and you have  despite some slightly different placement always  the same side in this case the right side  with a lower  SmO2  ( indicating  a potential higher O2   use )  and   you always see a higher tHb, indicating   a higher  blood flow  as blood  may go  where it s  most needed . than we  have often a   stronger leg in front  of  us.  

 This is  when you have no  feedback on power.  if  you know like in your  case  left  and right power is the same  the cook book does no apply. The above means you  simply  push with the feeling and the  stronger leg  will show  this reaction. ( often ) 
 Why  you will push  so it feels  equal  from the effort  but it feels  equal because  one leg   is stronger  and you need to push more  to feel the same but it needs  more energy.  If  you push  he same load  the weaker leg  will have to work  %  wise  harder so  you may need  more  O2 , SmO2  drops   and you may  have a higher level   of  compression  as you need more intramuscular  recruitment so tHb   often drops .
As well  less good  trained  you may have less vascularisation,again easier to  see a  drop in tHb  due to compression and   less vascularisation less mitochondria density,  so    possible  earlier problem to desaturate.  so in your  case

I would consider my assessment to be controlled since it was performed on a Wahoo Kickr with the resistance set the same for both legs and all intervals.

My left leg shows lower SMO2 and higher THB than right leg... so the above note tells me my left leg is stronger

assuming  we would see hat a  few  times. 
Same load  lower SmO2   so  you  need more O2  than on he  right side.
 Now  if it is  muscular  weaker  than we  would  often see a  dip in tHb  due to  as well a higher muscle compression. But we  do not see that. In fact we see a  higher  tHB 
  2   basic  thoughts

a) it is  so weak  that you create  an occlusion  trend outflow restriction  and    thB goes up  . Easy to check with biased picture or  whether after the load  the tHb  drops  as  a pooling outflow
b)  you  are in a training phase  where your  goal was to increase vascularisation  and this is now  successful, but you are   behind  mitochondria density  development. Before you develop mitochondria  you have to  increase vascular density .  This  than would be  a great exampel of  a planned idea  with a  successful feedback based on  the NIRS  reaction.

My strength training workout the other night showed my left leg desaturating less than my right but with more THB... this is definitely a puzzle but fun to learn.

what  type  of  workout  did  you do on the bike or  squatting .
In squatting  hard to control  due  to change in angles  and more . The  key in the workout is  not  to compare  what is going on but to try to create the same NIRS picture  with both legs.  so you have the  same  metabolic stimulation.
 So  with the above feedback  go back to the  cutting board  and  see, what or which leg may be  possibly  the  weaker  leg.
  One  simple  way is:
  simply bike   for an hour  in the  balanced  intensity  and   if  you can  test left and right -independent look , where or  what side  is pushing   a higher wattage  and than look the  NIRS  reaction. so  try  not  to manipulate  simply bike  and  to not think  an  have fun 

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lot's of  emails on this topic. In short. I never  do  single leg in athlete  if  they  are  cyclist. I  do single leg  with other sports on a bike.
 Main reason for  cycling is the muscle  pattern  ( harmonies)  so I  try  always to maintain both legs as  an activity on a bike  and  will choose  off bike single leg  exercises if  I believe  I need  them  to stimulate a certain  target.,
 Here a  super  short inside  form a  coordination workout  last  Friday  late. ACL  rehab and a client  I showed   some NIRS  results.
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