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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Here is a summary of all the possible reaction we could see so far i the practical field  with MOXY.
 This is  NOT just theory .
We  can  manipulate  each  single   trend    now and  can predict  when what  will happened.
 meaning e know  when  what creates  what  and therefor we  have a little bit of an idea, when we see certain trends  on where we have to look first.
 It is getting  somewhat trickier  when we  get now   moxy data's sent  from people we now that they   manipulate or may manipulate the   results  so interpretations are fun  but sometimes leave  two or three options.
 Roger may remember   one  set of info's we got sent  from somebody , who  asked us  what we see  and was surprised  when we told him, that he must have used  some manipulation like  electric stimulation and or  hypoxia    equipment, as his trends where   not  really  in a way  we would see  with just  activities.
 So in many cases  on samples here we   go from the  situation, that no "manipulation" took place.
  at least no voluntary  manipulation.
 BUT   physiological manipulation   die to limiter and compensator  to  simple try  to " survive" 
 Hope this makes  sense. Here your homework.
 Write to each of the  options  what  may cause or create this picture.

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