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Fortiori Design LLC
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Early in the morning. We are just getting ready for our  next big seminar here in Europe ( Switzerland)
We are at the Swiss  airforce base in Duebendorf und today we have  coaches and Spior Tiger competency Owners in attendance. ( plus 60 Spiro Tiger competency  centers.)
This will be a great opportunity to discuss and present IPAHD. We will have a live test from a friend from Finland and  we will use MOXY as one of the  main tools to show the difference in classical testing and the future physiological assessment options. A big open discussion will take place and than the  ideas of how we organise the assessment centers here in Europe and  possibly as well in Northamerica..
 We will keep you updated on progress and the most common weaknesses people  will find in our ideas.
Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Latest update from Europe.
The MOXY equipment will be super busy in Europe the coming weeks.
1. Assessing its use in a climbing center in Zuerich.
2. Next week testing including MOXY on Swiss downhill skiers in the Italian part.
3. Than up to Norway where we  will get tests done on  top cross country skiers in te field by using MOXY  in the upper and lower body parts  to do some specific questioning.
 Will keep you updated as we go along.
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