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I got  plugged up  with a   big  number  of individual  email responses thanks  to  many of the great forum feedback's.

The main  starting  question is . 
 i like to start using MOXY  s it looks  super interesting but I am lost in the complexity  you guys  talking about.

Absolutely  agree as we have developed a  great   incredible   chef group on here and   we may move  far to  fast of in the  super interesting sections of physiological individual  guided  workouts. So let's  slow it on this  thread a little bit  down.

Very simple overview  how  you start using MOXY  and how  you progress.

Step 1 Starter   idea:
- Don't give up  your ideas on Zoning  as of  yet.
 What you change is  the  way  you find  your  zoning.
 Instead of using a  calculator  from a  magical 100 %  point  you actually look for individual  feedback of yourself or  your client  to find  physiological  created  zoning.
Nothing crazy about  this nothing new  just more individual now.
No matter  what systems  you used    all the system  have the same hope and goal.
 Finding  your  " aerobic   intensity  or better   an intensity , where  you are  pretty  sure you have no   problem in delivering  enough O2  for what you like to achieve.
 Than finding  the critical intensity , where  you  still deliver just    okay O2  but really cann not afford  to   chnage a lot    so you are in balance.
 Lats  the intensity where  you plan  and like  to know that you are out of balance  so using more O2  than you can deliver. Now  you keep  doing  what you do  but you have a  very  cheap  tool  to find this  zoning's  in any  sport  you like to  do.
Assessment protocol. Keep  what you did   but you may have  some benefit of  moving the step  length  up to 5 min  in endurance  sports

Step  2.
 Once  you are  familiar  with this step  one  you may like to move forward  in the advanced us e of  NIRS/ MOXY.
Now  you like to  add some  directions   to your program   like  what  do  I like to  target  on a specif  day.
  Now  you try to find   a limiter  if there is a clear limiter  and as  such you may find compensators  as well.

 Now  you have to  do some small  changes in the assessment.
- Assess after  for example a  race or  a  hard workout.

 Never warm up  for the assessment to see the initial problem of  delivery.
 Calibrate  in resting position for  3 min  and  re calibrate  after  thee assessment for three  minutes.
 Example  5 min step  test. so  3 min  resting position  followed  by step test  and when  you fail  rest  for another three minutes  same position.

Now  keep it simple  and  if  there  is a  clear limiter it is  relative easy to find.
Than keep  doing what you believe  will stimulate the  found limiter based on what you always  did  and  reassess  and see, whether it worked.

Step 3.
 Now  you may be keen to know more specifically when  and by what intensity  the  limiter  actually may show up.
 That is now  where a  5/1/5  or  4/1/4    may  come in handy  .
 The one min rest is  where we  get rid  of O2  consumption for  working muscles and see how    the delivery systems may react or not. 
 Now  you have your  physiological zoning and  your  information by  or in what zoning  your limiter  starts  to get into trouble.

Step  4
Now  you add a non priority   muscle in the  assessment  of  step 3  as it give some more feedback on  systemic  versus more local limitations.

Step 5  ( because we have  5  fingers  [wink]  Pro level.
 You give up any  zoning idea  as a  training guide  but start to use the  3  zoning  for your individual approach  to either stimulate  specific goals   or   the  whole team. You   now decide  the physiological reactions you plan  to try to create rather  the  intensity  which limits  your  choices.
 In a  HIIT  you have  zero choice  you only know  you  stress any body. 
 You take  charge  of  what you like to   create.
Example. I  just now  will go and  do a specif  workout.
 I lost 10 days a go a lot  of blood and it was only replaced  with a plasma  expander. So   my Hct  is  very low   my   red blood cont  is   super low  and we decided  with the surgeon   together  to do some testing. I will now  go and do a  specific  EPO  workout  stimulation in a natural way  and we  test  the blood regular to see reaction and time line compared  with   when we  would have used  artificial EPO  or   full blood instead of plasma  expander.
We did in house   closer look in  tHB  and SmO2  changes  before  plasma expander  and  after blood loss in  STF  and FTF  fibers.
So  Pro  specif goal in the next  30 - 45 min.  Hormonal  stimulation  workout  for EPO production. 

I will  use  the 5  steps   to  take Gunnars  5/1/5  to go    through this  steps  and show  where we  can   find what  or  where we  have  a limitation  with   some  more in-depth  ideas  and how we  could address this limitations  with simple options.


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I'm surprised you do not have viral amount of emails about stimulation  workout  for EPO production[smile] 
I read somewhere about Erythropoietin being produced by kidneys cells sensitive to low level of oxygen in the blood, would hypoventilation training at sea level be enough to stimulate those cells to increase production of  Erythropoietin. Is that the case where we would have to lower SpO2 to below 90%?

I noticed you said: "Pro" specific goal while talking about red blood cells [smile]

Since Olympics are still far away ...[smile] In the case of amateur, wouldn't be more beneficial to take care of immune system first before working or red cells? Is there any way to stimulate white cell production, during lose of blood you are loosing red and white cells together.

Juerg, by any chance did you use Moxy before and after your blood loose? Could you share it, do you see significant tHb droop? Is it affecting Smo2 or not?


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Would appreciate seeing this thread continue Juerg.

I will  use  the 5  steps   to  take Gunnars  5/1/5  to go    through this  steps  and show  where we  can   find what  or  where we  have  a limitation  with   some  more in-depth  ideas  and how we  could address this limitations  with simple options.

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Me too. I'm eagerly waiting
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