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A preliminary test (posted in case studies) seemed to show possibility that my physiological reaction during sitting and standing might be different enough so that limiter/compensator might be different for riding in different poses. I am now planning to repeat the 5-1-5 assessment for
- sitting, hands on tops, road bike
- sitting, hands in drops, road bike
- standing, hands on hoods, road bike
- sitting, aero bars, TT bike with shorter cranks.

If somebody here could give me some advice and additional thoughts concerning the following questions...

In all sitting assessments I will keep my arms in same position during pedaling and rest, but any suggestions for how to rest during the standing pedaling assessment and which muscle to choose as the less involved muscle? Should I sit down (same with other conditions and okay for blood flow in legs but changes blood flow in arms, might require a less involved muscle other than deltoid?) or keep standing with about the same weight on my arms compared with pedaling and one leg up and one down (might be more similar for deltoid between pedaling and rest but would be different from the sitting conditions)? I have access to 3 Moxys and my "default" is left/right VL and deltoid - and maybe 1 BSX on a calf.

The first condition is easiest due to least restriction on respiration. I think it would be best to do the same number of steps at the same power levels for all conditions - or should I go further (or larger steps) in the easier conditions than in the harder conditions?

Are there any other things I should consider?

Or any thoughts that such a comparison would be nonsense? ;-)



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Takura  and  cycling guys  great    step  to do this and it  will be fun to see the  discussion.
 We  did  this about  now 10 years back in  cycling camps in Spain during  evening presentation  and bike fitting    presentation  where we had  access to over  10 '000  cyclist  in that time  from  beginners  to  world  champions  and grand tour  winners.
. One  small  interesting  findings  from many thousands  of assessments  whit VO2  / lactate , physio flow  NIRS  SEMG and  more  was:
 The biggest  difference between a  great  cyclist  and a  super  great  cyclist  where  efficiency  and muscle  sling *((   muscular balance  and  harmony.) keep this in mind  when  collecting the information's

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Takura, given Jeurg's post does it not make more sense to use two of the Moxy's on different muscle on the same leg, rather than the same muscle on different legs?

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>The biggest difference [were] efficiency and muscle sling [...]
Would you have the time to explore a bit more on or provide some link to information about what efficiencies where most different ... there seem to be so many efficiencies in cycling to look at ...

Thanks for the suggestion ... not absolutely sure I understand completely. :-)
That would be to measure how balance or coordination of different muscles (in the same sling???) differs between the experiment conditions?
My assumption (too?) is that left-right difference won't be so interesting to get data on and placing on left and right VL was planned less for this comparison in particular than as a common setup for 5-1-5 with alternating rest legs, so I generally agree this placement could be improved ...

Regards, Takura

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