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Bobby started  this  nice  direction.

Here   once more a  short insight view from a physiological point of  view into respiratory  ideas  and they make more and more sense  as more we  open up  into  the  variation of  respiratory systems training   and we train this system so we can use it as a  help  to decide  what we  physiologically like to stimulate  by using the  good trained respiratory system  to manipulate  physiological reactions.

Now  for me surprising is  that in a sport like cycling   so   few  coaches  actually  use  this ideas.
  Cycling is a great  sport to show on many other  points  how  important this is.  Example  RPM. If  you have a limited RPM  ability  so your  efficient  range is  75 - 85  than   you have a limited  option to have  an optimal gear. If  you  are efficient in a range  between 60 - 120  than  you can afford  to stay in the same gear  for certain  situations  like in a   downhill or a step uphill and can   use  your  coordination  for  adjustment  of needed  performance. This  brings us  back to the  once started discussion I am  to  slow  that's  why I am  too fast.!!!!!!

10 reasons.jpg

ow you can see above, that wee  train in many sports  the respiratory system like we  train a  muscular system  and  one important  part of the  training is  to  be able  than to use it  for    manipulation so we  can create  physiological stimulation.

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