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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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One  of the most underestimated   influences in  the ability to make O2  bio-available is the  connection     between   affinity of O2  an the way  we  breath or  are able to breath.
 One of the possible main reasons is the  the majority of  coaches, including  researcher  are   convinced  , that respiration  is never  pushed to the limit.
 The reasoning is  a  very interesting one,  and  any  reader here   is invited  to   write , what   we  all learn  still in school  and what the justification  is   for  this  fixed  idea.

  We  all discuss the point  of VO2 = CO x (a-v) O2 difference  and we  discussed this  to death.
 nevertheless in many  big  publication the  point is made, that a- v  O2  difference as little if anything  to influence in VO2  and it is  just CO who decide  possible changes in VO2  max ????  This  an more argumentation  are thought in many educations. So we had a student here  for placement  and   we challenged  a  simple task to see, whether we  can influence SmO2  and SpO2  with different tasks  and respiratory   challenges.
 Here  his  short   work  to read.

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