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A lot of what Juerg has been saying for a long time that reapiration not previously accepted as a possible limiter and also in relation to altitude reaponders and non responders

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Thanks   and  nicely  written  20  years after the  fact. What they still have to add is  the most important  section, the  reaction on O2 dissociation curve.  Here  what you can  try to see , if  you  can  manipulate  the O2  diss  curve. If you have a debt  trained   respiration system  you  should be able to see  a change in NIRS. Fix a MOXY on your  biceps or anyway here.
 Than  go  hypocapnic  so  over breath like hyperventiliation  and  you see SmO2  doing   ????
 Than  hold  your  breath after  balancing out  and you see  SmO2  doing  what?.
What  does the O2  disscurve   is doing ? 
If  you  can not  create  the  reactions  think  twice  why ?
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