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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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There are some very nice studies now out there showing the old idea from the late 1970, that respiration in fact can be a limitation in many people.
 This group showed in simple term, that the body will try to maintain the oxygenation in the respiratory muscles under load ( diaphragm and intercostal muscles but will take O2 to achieve that from other non vital respiratory  muscles or loco-motor muscle's.
   Here one of their basic set up in using  NIRS.
 The slightly difference is, that we are talking here of equipment  above and beyond 50'000 $ and  we as  " small " coaches will have an option with MOXY do get very similar results and feedback with an equipment around 1'000$  , easy fast and  be usable in the field.
  MOXY will be a game changer in what you will or can expect in the near future if you go for a " classical " VO2 test as MOXY will dramatically enhance the information on  limiter and compensator and will as well give  great feedback and answers , why some people have a VO2 plateau and some not.
 We will for sure get in top this discussion as we go along.
  Is it genetically or is  it the  inability of the coaches to find the limiter ?

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