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Juerg Feldmann

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Respiration and MOXY.
There is an ongoing discussion on the  limitation of respiration in the coaching but as well as  research community.
 Some Mega-analyses  from the last few years ( the latest from the university of British Columbia ) show  very nicely , that some changes may have to be made in regards to respiration and limitation.
Ideas and justification over the MMV are easily taken apart and development of  simple  equipment, where we now can simulate 1 - 2 or longer hours of respiratory loads help to show the incredible interesting interconnection between respiration , cardiac hemodynamic and  muscle oxygenation and last but not least the influence of energy substrate use and shift depending on what we call Oxygen bioavailability.
After over  15 years now  work on the search on how we can interconnect the physiological system , which  after all build and integrated "team " it may be for many readers now understandable, that we have to  smile, when we see top notch test center and physiological institution still arguing, that they are able to use VO2 max and lactate curves )( thresholds) to understand and developed individual ideas of individual guided workouts.
The integration of MOXY here in our small town , into the trainings of local kids and  patients shows so easy and clear, that interventions , which influence respiration have an immediate impact ion the bioavailability of  oxygen and as such on the ability to perform on what ever level we like to perform.
The time of our dream idea of a bio watch is long here and ready to go.
 When we talk about homeostasis , than we  never look at one single  bio marker but at the while team of biomarkers.
 Now as we have the ability to  use this in the field and  in the grassroots population   we see, that there is a major gap between the existing  testing community of labs and the incredible ability the  person on the street has.
 In fact our  athletes in our small community have  much more information on the intensity of their body than when ever they come back from a' Professional " test center.
When we see advertising of " new " centers using VO2 max and RER to show perfect looking prints of  great theoretical information , than even our teenage athletes have to start to smile and wonder , what is going on.
 They can produce now live a direct  information by influencing respiration and as such the deoxygenation or reoxygenation of their working muscles.
 Main problem , why we have this big gap is the fact, that there are just a few institutions out there, who are able to create a long lasting stable hypocapnic or hyperapnic respiration situation ,  long enough to see the  reaction ( shift of the O2 Diss. curve)

The last few  meta-analyses  in the field of respiration are a direct proof of that, as al the studies reviewed only looked at respiratory ( inspiratory and expiratory ) strength ( pressure ) and non of them without any exception , was looking at  influence of  CO2 and O2 level during the intervention.
 Why: because the focus is on "performance"
 meaning VE or pressure in mmHg and non of the studies  looked at actual changes in the O2 Diss curve due to changes in parameters like RF and TV.
 Here a very simple question or suggestion.
 1. Make a resting  VO2 test RER and use the same equipment.
 First set use a facemask , second use a mouthpiece only.
 Than repeat the same test  under a load.
 Than give us the test results and let us start discussing, why  we see what we see and why the unseen real is overruled by the unreal seen..
Than let's go back and critical look at why NIRS ( MOXY ) could be so incredible valuable, when you combine your current knowledge by gathering data's live on what actually happens  in the working muscles , while you connect information by the mouth or by a finger or an earlobe.
 Than try to be open minded on what may or may not fall apart from our current educated knowledge.
Are we ready to do that ?

At least we are ready to show you some open questions on here  and you can make up your own decisions and ideas.

One super interesting part is to see the effect of " warming up" the respiratory system  before a workout and or a race with Spiro Tiger and how  important it is not to use the Spiro Tiger based on theories but based on  the influence on the oxygenation in the soon to be used working muscles as well.
Can you imagine a player coming of the ice, knowing exactly how the create  as fast as possible a  balance H + situation and than directing the oxygen either  into the blood or into the  working muscle for " reloading the desperately needed ATP for the next shift ??
Stay tuned as  Brain from NEXT LEVEL coaching just   returned from super successful  series of presentation throughout  British Columbia and look out for many top teams and centers changing the way they will assess athletes.
 In short :
 Why would a  VO2 test in a bike give any meaningful information to an ice hockey coach about the fitness  level of his players.
 What test center would ever test a runner on an skate mill on skates.
 What would a VO2 max test reveal  fro a runner on a skate mill or a cyclist in and endless pool.
Is it perhaps time to understand , that VO2 max test on a bike may be limited to  cyclist deciding to ride some races on a stationary bike in a lab, or should we even there start to accept, that we should and we can go outside testing live in the filed   in your sport you would like to improve. ?
All critical questions,  but all have  for open thinking people a relative clear answer or at least a clear direction.  But most important is , that we can now do that simple and easy and cheap.
 Problem .
 Is this a competition for professional coaches and test centers.
 Not at all , it is a dramatically step forward to improve and add to an already wealth of knowledge everybody gathered with the " classical" ideas of testing.
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