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recovery  reactions  Study    from the MOXY  center   of Mary Ann Kelly . Mary Ann moved  to the  eats  coats  to stay  with her  Mother  for a  while  so  east  coats people  interested in MOXY  testing in the Chicago area  as well as  demos in Spiro Tiger  , that is your chance. Mary Ann is a  dietitian  and work  as well in Body composition ( Isak hmmm hope I pronounce this right  other wise Mary Ann has  to help and explain what it is [wink] super interesting  and  not many out there   are able to do this. [wink] and  Bio impedance.  Here a very short  recovery reaction as we discussed this in Smo2.
 Short  story. Squatting  workout  to  subjective exhaustion. MOXY  on VL  and MOXY  on non-involved  delta.
squatt overlpa delat and vast lat smo2.jpg   Now  as you can see some super  fun reactions. Red is  actual load so end of red   was actual  end of squatting.  Now  below the tHb reaction
 Dark 1  is VL

squatt overlpa delat and vast lat thb.jpg 
Now  here  some thoughts  for people  who may look SmO2  and recovery trends.

fiber type.jpg

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