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Hello everyone, I haven't been too active on the forum for quite some time.   Still been using my Moxy though and still feel like its a great device for training and evaluations.

Brief background - a friend of mine was questioning some things with regards to his power meter data (stages).  His numbers were always way higher than other people of similar weight on relatively straightforward course and still getting dropped in some cases.    I suspected that he may just have a power balance issue and just pedals harder with his left leg, thus inflating the number.  

So I had him come over and we put his bike on my Kickr, which they have issues too, but for comparison sake it works.  Anyway we found quite a big difference between his readout and the wattage he should have seen.   I also compared my Quarq to the Kickr and found a slight difference which is to be expected, but not nearly the difference he was seeing.

Anyway.... this isn't a power meter discussion forum.... while he was over, I didn't want to waste his efforts just comparing power meters so i put the moxy on him.   He didn't have time for a full 5-1-5, but I did a brief step test with rest intervals anyway.

Its been a while since I did any evaluation on these things, so I would appreciate some help in determining some primary and secondary limiters if possible.

Moxy was on his right VL.

I took a look at the graph and saw the combo of rising THB and falling SM02 around the 300 watt mark, didn't really see a sign of any occlusion (THB drop and then rise after load), so I'm thinking its some sort of delivery limiter as a primary, with some work to be done from a utilization standpoint perhaps.

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