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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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I got a very  funny mail. The summary is easy and fast.
 " What the heck do you smoke ?'
Why is not everybody doing that if it makes so much sense. ?
 I like to ask some questions back.
 See pic  one. Why did it took that long from there to what you do no w with VO2.
 Pic. 2 . Why did  it not be used   so much longer before than just now
Pic 3. .Why only  some   out of the BOx thinking athletes work since years  with this.
  Pic 4,5,6 How about  a bush town testing with all of this since many years  on different people.?

 How about the possibility , that  as soon people  understand  what we do and what we try to add to  classical great ideas and as soon they see that there is actual money to be made you will see centers popping out in any corner in a very short time with big announcement of being the top the best  and  what ever.
 Once this starts  think back on  where it all started  and  you can  come back and we smoke together a pipe in my goat barn.

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