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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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One of the most common questions  I am getting from arround the world:
 Do we have protocols  for different sports.
 Here  one  of the many mails:

" Hi Juerg. I would be very interested to know something more about the ideas you already have about "protocols" for soccer or figure skating. I am working pretty much with those two sports right now, and have also good contacts in tennis. In soccer i have made a lot of Conconi and Probst-Tests in the past, but i have ideas how to get better informations with Moxy. I wish a good start in the new week and hope to hear soon from you. Cheers, Igor"

  Tennis  ,  Ice hockey , Figure skating, Wrestling  and so on.
 All this mails   have one very nice  feedback:
  They all recognice, that VO2 max testing the way we do it is  of  minimal value  including  lactate testing. For  most of the sports  with perhaps  exception of  Running  when tested on a treadmill or cycling when tested  on a  bike.
  For any  acyclic  sport   the  test   with VO2  max  is   of minimal  value for coaches  but a hugh expense  for many teams  as  they believe it has to be done.
 So we have ice hockey teams  getting VO2  max test on the bike  or  tennis player getting VO2  max test in running    when the VO2  tested in their sport  on the ice or on the court  are very very different than what is tested  in the lab.
  Most emails  welcome the ability and  the potential MOXY  will give to  do  sport sepcific  assessments.
 Do we have protocols.
  Not  sure  how good they are.
 Do we test  sport specific  : Yes  and we  have a  very steep ongoing learning curve.
 I like to share   with you  ongoing the ideas  and what we  do  and you come please back and take it apart so we  can progress as we go along.
  One of the  still in progress work is the  common language e book  so we talk the same  langauge  everybody can understand.
  So please give me  some time, as we move along   here  much faster than anticipated.
  One  of our biggest problems is  that some people  cook  in behind their own walls, never share information  and than religiously   defend  their ideas    even   though  they may have  made  5  - 10  case studies in the best case scenario.
  So  with the hundreds  of tests  we did   and the many different options we  are getting in  now  from test  from 30 seconds  step lenght up to  slow increase in load over time, we  see  so many  great ideas  and open  so many  new questions.
  Thanks to all new  MOXY useres  and hopefully we will have  soon many more people joining us  in this interesting practical application field   for coaches  and athletes.
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