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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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We did now over the last month many test, where we where looking at  the  ideas of :
 " functional assessment for my athletes through integration between HRV (heart rate variability analysis), sEMG and Moxy. "   from the suggestion of Antonio and repeated many test we did some years back again.
 Here a short summary and we look forward to Antonio's  feedback.
 1. HRV and  integration in strength.
 HRV  in our cases was pretty much worthless as a tool. It  was completely dependent on the type of respiration the test person did between holding breathe to fast  nearly hyperventilation to diaphragmatic breathing or more costo sternal breathing . HRV was pretty much moving with change sin breathing ideas and as such we could not find any reason or idea, what to do with it.
 So Antonio must have  some much better info than what we can supply.
We used SEMG and  combination with MOXY and that is a very nice idea.
 The original idea of the portamon was once to have SEMG sensors build in.
 We combine MOXY / Portamon and MYOexerciser portable 2 channel SEMG .
 The   idea was to see,  whether the classical a way we  make a trainigprogram  for strength really has some merits.
 What is the " classical' Idea.
 You find your 1  max rep weight.
 Similar to Max Watt level.
 Than you sue a calculator and calculate  if not possible in your head with technology the % you like to load.
. IN endurance sport we know  by now, that using  %  of VO2 max is very  often used but as well completely worthless, as the % does not mean the same for different people and not even for the same person after different workouts.
 It is nevertheless  uses  the same way as 220 - age is used on all different cardio equipment in a gym for zoning no matter, whether you bike, row   use a stepper or an elliptical. It all works the same ( or  does it really work )
 Now in strength training the same applies 50 % for one person will create every different stimuli than on an other persons 50 %.
 So MOXY in fact will help to decide how  the stress  will look like and what  you may or may not achieve with a certain % load you train with.
 Here 3 picture of 3 different  % load where we sue weight and SEMG to see, whether the mathematical load % is as well somehow related to the SEMG  trend and as well  to SmO2  reactions.
 Here for you to make some own conclusions.  We tested  all different load % from 0 % up to 100 %. Here just some steps to give  you some food for thoughts.

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