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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
This is a preview  from a great feedback   Dario wrote in an article. He seems to have used  an ebook  and than simply did a 5 min step test. Here his results. Great job  and we critically look  what we can read out form a Step test  and what we may miss  because it is a step test  and not a TIP. Here  the preview  of his  assessments  using   or looking first just at SmO2  ( oxygenation trend.  but than as well on looking only  at  tHb  ) delivery trend  and see,w whether we have the same zoning for  training ideas to work on delivery or  on utilization and how they  may or may not interact with each other. 

Here SmO2  trend  and zoning based on SmO2
full smo2  zones.jpg   
And here  tHb trend  and zoning based on tHb

full thb zones.jpg

Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Here a follow up on Dario's great 5 min step test. You can see    a few  very great physiological feed backs.
 look carefully  and you see on the bottom of the graph the steps  ) load / performance  of  5 min. Now look again  and see  the time it takes  for the  physiological systems to react.
When we talk physiological systems  we  may  talk about CO ( HR x SV)  as well as VE (RF x TV)  but as well vasulcar reaction based on mechanical. ( fast )  and   reflex  reactions  ( slow)  If you   see the " time lag "  for SmO2  reaction , than you actually  see the time lag  of  the other systems.  MOXY gives immediate   oxygenation information , but the reaction  is   or may be caused  by a time lag of  some other systems.
 Example CO is lagging behind  after you   change the load. So we see  an immediate  energy demand  ( O2  )  and a  drop in SmO2  because the CO ( HR x SV ) is not yet on an level needed  to   keep  supply  and demand in balance  (if there is still a chance  to  keep it in balance). So a  classical 3 min steps missed  out  for sure on this physiological reactions  and as  such  give a very  inaccurate  performance information.
 A 5 min step test as in this case  is  somewhat more help full as we  give more time in the critical  intensities  to  see, whether there  may be  a lag time  and than the body  can  find a balance in supply and demand of energy.
  What we still miss  with a  5 min step test is the reason, why  and  where the supply line  may have its limitation ( delivery or  utilization )
  In Dario's'  case  we  have one small window in this information. This is  at the end  , where we suddenly stop performance. So we  can go there and have a feedback on limiter  form there. What we  do not know is, what happens before the   total end  and where  we may have started out this limitation.
 Here a closer look at the end stage  of the 5 min step test  an you can see, why he stopped  as well a closer look  at the HHb  and O2Hb  and tHb  situation in the end stage. Summary : Good  utilization  , limitation in delivery.
last step.jpg

o2 hb hhb thb.jpg

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