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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
How to apply , time and cost.
 Here one of many mails I am getting now as the  numbers of MOXY users and center using this new technology  explodes here in Canada and Europe.

Subject: Re: Arm and Leg Sleeves?
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2013 10:50:26 -0300

Juerg, hi, g'morning. Yes, thanks, very helpful starting direction. We'll need to play around to find the most efficient (time, cost, admin, etc) and recyclable (person to person) solution. Standing by on horse leg wrap?

If I do a NIRS test only for endurance it takes me 2 - 3 min to get ready with the client.

Than the test.

than looking at the data's another 3 min and the printout including zoning based on NIRS is ready to go. When the client comes of the bike all is done .

Cost a 3 m cover roll is about 15 $ it is 9.2 m long you need 20 cm strip so 46 strips are the result is 32 cts per test plus the bag 5 cents = and round up 50 cts per strip cost.

This is 1/2 lactate strip. so no result there and you not even start talking about VO2 mask and other option. So it is a non issue here at all, in fact there is nothing even close out there as affordable now than MOXY testing. True you can ask for the age take it off 220 and bill for the program.

True a functional TP test is cheaper as he only bikes and you calculate..

Cheers and happy thanks giving.

Juerg  See below the technique we use since many years   when we started with the great portamon.
 Now  half that size with MOXY, no long  connection  time need if you  not look at it live on the PC but you still have it live on the Garmin watch.
 1. Bag ( Dollar store)  tape  cover roll stretch  any where or  order over FaCT-Canada.

Now look what alternative you have  with direct information ?????
 Now look what you spent on  indirect  data collection. VO2  metabolic cart ???
 Next  best priced NIRS ???
 Lactate testing ???
  Seems to be  me a no brainer  in the money department but yes a major brainer in the physiological  thinking department, as we have to " justify" our client, why he does not has to be punished with  blood testing and finger poking  and why he does not get a nose clamp to stop from natural breathing and his head is not clamped into a   head  strap. see picture.
 Cheers Juerg


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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Interesting feedback concerning my comment on :
  " nose clamp to stop from natural breathing "
First thanks  and I am surprised  how people pick up even small ideas like that.
 So here my take on the VO2 testing :
 We have in many   very expensive  VO2  equipments   the situation, where we clamp of the nose  and   have  just a  mouth piece.
Than we discuss  " Validation"   to the  dark night and calibrations on wattage trainer  and so on.
 What we  very seldom discuss is, whether  a test on a stationary bike with no balance problem  and combined with a  not very natural mouth breathing  versus perhaps in some athlete  preferred nose or at least mixed breathing may have an influence on  values like TV and RF  and therefor VO2  and  RER ?
 For any user  of  a VO2  equipment. test on yourself    mouth breathing   and Face mask and compare.
 For    readers just interesting , whether this is done as a study . Sure. here a summary of the results. in the doc  below.

 So we have a  difference in VO2   due to the different option of testing, it is indirect   as well. Your  comment to yourself. MOXY NIRS info  and variable influences  versus VO2  at the mouth.

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