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Nice  emails  to our  climbing  discussion. 2  of  them  how  do I see the practical application of NIRS in a  workout .  It's is less how I see it  as how it is  already  used  since a  while in  individual  or  as  team application.
 A  modern  workout place  has a  big screen or  TV  anyway  so  you have  the ability  to show    for the  eam or  for individual clients  the   live feedback  from your  workout   just in front  of  you and  the   individual  physiological reaction of  each client  will guide  the  workout  in   terms of  duration of the load  ,  duration  of  recovery ,   numbers  of  sets and rest in eb  between sets, all depending on the coaches  or the  athlete's  physiological goal  on what he likes to stimulate  or not.

how  does it look  . Below a  team workout in Switzerland  with Arno  and Andri  for a   top   national  ice hockey  team.

ZSC live.jpg  you can see some players workout some stand as the feedback tells them to wait and the 2 coaches discuss reasoning. 

or below  you see  how the player concentrates and can follow his feeling and his   physiological live feedback on the screen during the workout.

ZSC live.5  peri.jpg


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Got  an email request  to show some practical   graphs of  workouts.

Below  2  athletes doing the same  motion  with just body weight  for the same durations  we  do this as  coaches  . The  whole team  ready  go  30 seconds  on 1 min rest   and so on.

hockey b close 1smo2.jpg 

Do  you see the differecne.
This  does not tell which  workout  was better  or worse. 
 There is no better  or  worse,  if  you have a  clear  goal setting on what  do you like to stimulate. So  there is only   goal achieved  or not.
 The problem .
Most coaches  or athletes  will not  find  this difference as  their   performance is controlled by   physical load  and not  by physiological feedback  and stimulation ideas. 

sb bounindg 1 .jpg


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