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I came across a new VO2 sensor that is still quite pricey,
but much more affordable than before:

Let's say that we can now monitor SmO2/ThB and VO2 information.

What could you do with this additional sensor? How would you fine tune
training even more?

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Dan Crumback from Strategic Sport Performance will be presenting a webinar on this exact topic on March 8.

You can sign up at this link.

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The VO2 master  is  actually  featured on this   forum  as  the inventor  group is  from Vernon Canada  with Dr. A. Sellars  and  is  one of the more  advanced physiological assessment group in north america. They   use  MOXY  as an integration  and I  had  the pleasure  to   try the prototype of the VO2 master a  while back.  Check their  website
It is  fun, but again, if you look for  futuristic direction the forum here seems  to try to be always a step  ahead.  Smile )
Daniel,  who will give a  seminar, was  the  first  Canadian  who actual attended a  Seminar Mary Ann and myself  gave a  while back in  Boulder Colorado , where we as well had  representatives  from China  for intro in  MOXY and we had  the privilege  to had  Frank Bour  with Physio flow on board  for a presentation.
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