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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Thanks for the ever increasing mails I get. Unfortunately on my private mail box . I would love to have the questions and great comments on here so we can all learn together and  simile together.
 Here 2 very common questions.
1. People  very friendly remind me , that it sounds great in theory but please get more clear and direct so we can see, how MOXY can be used in the real world of coaching .
What is the points you make on functional / structural and physical protocol versus physiological protocol ?

This are super great points, who will keep us going for a long time to come.

 I like to give a very practical  example to start out for both of this  points.
 Than we will get  much more into details.
 The pint 1  for sure will be a a priority.
 My "dream" is to see in the fall, when spinning comes back up  spinning classes using bio marker like HR  and SmO2 paired with load to have a much more individual approach but still training in a group.

So to 1 and one example: When looking at a practical idea of Limiter and Compensator  than you will be able to make a simple MyPAHD or in a spinning class as a  first workout of the season a full class UrPAHD all 20 or more people at the same time.
 I will show you later what you need to asses individually a whole class in  1 hour fast easy and specific without formula used but all physiological information .
Example here of a Limiter of the  respiratory system and a compensator and is influenced on VO2 dynamic.
 Now you have to think a little bit but it is a perfect example sent to us this week form a  really great and advanced group from the USA.
 See pic 1 and 2  1 to find Limiter and compensator  and 2 the effect due to the limiter.

Pic 3 is a test sent to me from NZ and shows, what effect a change of the  Pic 1 limiter has  if you look carefully on FeO2 and as such on VO2

Than  to point   2. Physical protocol influence physiological outcome.
 I believe  that the protocol idea we set up directly influences the physiological ability of the body to react.
 Here a test I got yesterday.
 Here you job.
 They did a great job show this  direct problem I see.
 Here the hint.
 They used  2 different step length during the test . I do not k now why . They used 4 min steps and than 1 min stapes and than one even shorter.
 look at the 2 traces Lac  and the other one.
 Just look first finish off the " 3 " lactate curve you would see, when looking carefully.  Look at the first  lactate curve you would follow through >See where they changed the step length as it is very clear. Than "predict , where the max wattage would be in the first case and than where the lactate curve would be .. Than take 2 and 4 mmol idea and see, how the choice of the timing actually decides the outcome like watt ./ kg or lactate and wattage , when in fact the physiology had no time to react. Hope this example  makes it super clear.

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
My mistake.
 Just had a short chat with EF on this site.
 Clear and very very great point.
 Make it simple so  readers can see, why a NIRS / MOXY  will be able to improve and enhance your current ideas on controlling workout intensities.
 I got a promise, that E.F will come with some great and clear formulated questions in this directions.
 E.F thanks for the great chat
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