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Here some beautiful information's and data  sent  to us   from Ruud. It is  one off many examples   we  work  since a long time  when we look differences  between a  physiological stimulation and its  effect on the physical objective   load ( in  cycling  wattage )  The beauty  now  with more and more people  using  NIRS  we  have  so many independent  feedbacks  so it is  outside  from our  kitchen  and just for us  confirms  some interesting findings  now .
  I just like to show you the workout  and let  the  MOXY  information  speak  for itself.

Here the overall SmO2 information  form a  calf muscle feedback and a VL  feedback of  NIRS data. Ruud used a  MOXY  and a BSX

After  his  3 min calibration   he  followed with a 20 min " warm up "  and than   he  moved  the rest of the workout  so 6 x  10 min  with 1 min rest in between to a  wattage of 260 watt

VL  calf  smo2 plus  performance.jpg
From the "Blue  section on he  was always  at the same  physical  load.
Was it the same physiological reaction ?

Would we  expect the same   result   after each of the 6 x 10 min load   or  could we  speculate, that each of this 260 e watt workouts  may  possibly trigger  6  different reactions ?  Now the fascinating part is below

smo2  thb VL.jpg

Now  the 2  yellow  10 min  where subjectively  close to the same . So  same 260 watts  and  he tried  to  go   to his  efficient 92 RPM  and   left respiration untouched  and so  as it naturally would occurred.
28 RF  first time  and  here I  believe 32

Now  how  about  a  small cardiac feedback

smo2  HR vl.jpg

Now  where   can we loo for answers . Often  when we get rid  of  one  big  O2  consumer.  On this  day  260 wattage was   hard  and  in any case   he had  on this days a  limitation in the delivery  situation. her below  first and last 1 min stop   where we may find the answer  for todays  limiter.

frist  rest VL.jpg 
last  1 min stop

last rest  VL.jpg 

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