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I am using a Wahoo Kickr Trainer with PeriPedal ... I am not sure if I am mis-reading what is possible with the Kickr or if I am just setting things up wrong . 

Has anyone been able to make the wahoo put out a set wattage ? (ie. so athlete doesn't have to think or know what wattage they are at ? ) 
  * similar to how computrainer is usually used in testing 

It seems like this set wattage is an option with the iphone app ? Not with PeriPedal ? 

Thanks for help 


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Hi Peter,

PeriPedal supports using the KICKR in ERG Mode, which is the "set wattage" mode you mentioned, and modes Level 0 through Level 9.

When starting a workout the default mode will be ERG, and the KICKR will set the wattage to the prescribed value in the workout.  The value is prescribed based on a percentage of FTP.  So if the workout calls for 90% FTP and my FTP is 200, the KICKR will hold me at 180 watts.

If you want to create workouts that prescribe in watts instead of percentage of FTP, you can set your FTP to 100 and treat the percentage number as a Watts value.

I hope that helps.

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