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Juerg Feldmann

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Interval  see on MOXY forum Blog :

Tempo Intervals fromACE Fit

This workout alternates between somewhat high-intensity intervals and moderate-intensity intervals in a 60 minute workout. ACE Fit recommends practicing this routine once a week.

Start by warming up with 10 minutes of spinning at 70 to 100 rpm at RPE 3 or 4. Complete three intervals of two minutes each at 80 to 100 rpm at RPE 5, with five minutes of recovery at 70 to 80 rpm at RPE 3 to 4 between each interval. Then, cycle two more intervals at the same intensity, but this time for three minutes and separated by a six-minute recovery. Cool down for 11 minutes at 70 to 100 rpm at RPE 3 to
 How do we know it is  "tempo " and how  do we know what is going on.
 Here my alternative to  the same idea  but with Physiological feed backs

 " Start by warming up.
 Till you reach the highest  today   SmO2 value.
 Use   a RPE  of 1  for  4 -5 min  than go to an RPE  of  2  and so on. till you see a "plateau  or a  slightly  drop on SmO2..
 look at the HR you had   at the  highest  SmO2.
 Now your individual warm up is over.
 Now use   rpm  and start your  personal  optimal coordination rpm.
 Bike  with a HR  and a SmO2  so you just see a d drop in SmO2  and a HR slightly increasing.
 If you have an assessment you  have  a HR  for the different RPE  zones. If not    decide what you like to reach.
 Why 2 min.
 So if they decided  2 min   why?
 If you decide you like to stimulate your FEI  intensity go to that HR  and  that wattage if you had wattage or speed if you has speed. Than   look at SmO2  and go till you see SmO2   dropping  and you  see HR increasing . .
If you like to push that  " zone"  keep going till you fail :
 Either  SmO2  does not drop anymore or you reach the SmO2  we  found in your  IPAHD  assessment.
 Your  " warm up SmO2  is 70 +- 3  your FEI  Smo2  is  55 +_ 3.
 Your HR there is 157 +-3
 So you  go and push to reach the target SmO2 . You can decide  how  slow you like to oxygenate. All out goes fast   less intensity goes longer.
 No mater what  you will drop down and will have  your specific stimulation.
 Now   recover by easy spinning in the ARI  so SmO2  gos back to  70 +- 3   than go again.
 This would be a  back to base line recovery.
 Or you go as soon you  see SmO2  going up ( = incomplete recovery ) or you   wait and  see whether SmO2  is overreaching  and go by the highest achieved  SmO2  or you let it overreach and go back to baseline.
 How many times. That depends on what you choose on load and or on recovery idea.
Now  we have a physiological guided Interval.
 What we do not know   yet is, what load combination will achieve what changes.
 That's' where we  are working on by collecting data's  from  many new moxy users   so together we can than show a very specific interval  with a very specific  end result.
 BUT we  may have to start somewhere  to  eliminate ideas like 5  fingers, 1o min   4 repetitions a and 2 min load.
 to  Individual  physiological reactions which will guide length of load ,  length of recovery  amount of repetitions.
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