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We had  this discussion before  but more general and we had  the fun  Study   from Cape  town   with the Kenyan runners.

Here a   small inside   information  of  an ongoing  discussion   I have with some great  rowing  people.

But first in very simple  terms. Brian less and brain involved.

 Now  only  if  we  believe in researcher, who  points  out , that any physiological reaction will have  some feedback  to a  central  area, where than    reactions will  be created  to  try to developed the best survival strategy. than  the brain less versus  brain full makes  some sense. Below in pictures as a  reacap

A Hill governor.jpg 
ecgm pic.jpg

nd many more than above  but the above  one are the  once we have easy  tools

to assess them.

Now  if  we create any  protocol including the 5 /1 5/ 
 we  take  the Brain out of the equation. This because we  force  the performance upon  the    persons  and   if we hit a limitation   out of  what ever reason we  simply  quit.
 So  if we create in a load a for example cardiac limitation because this is the Limiter than we  would not  stop  but simply slow  down  as we  would reduce  motor  unit recruitment.
 We  would not simply give up,  but try and hope that what ever we have left  can still save us.
 Really in any race we see that  very often  (take a 400 m  race  for example).

So below is a  version we do , where we  do not tell the athlete the load  we  just argue  we  go up and than look in a hard load  how  they  simply keep going.

Below is  a  short inside view  in this next  step in physiological assessments.

row last stage bias 2.jpg 

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