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Is it normal that fully charged Moxy is totally empty after being left for 2 weeks?

Also today I fully charged Moxy before the run and after 100 mins of running it was dead - it was still reporting data and after couple mins I tried to stop it and there was no feedback form the unit.
Connecting it to charger showed 1 green blinking light.
This seems to be very unusual on brand new unit ;(

Edit: After charging it for 5mins connected to notebook to download data - PC application showed that battery status was "Full" while on charging station it was showing 2 green blinking lights.
After 15mins on charging station it showed that unit is fully charged.

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Hi klortas,

It is normal that the sensor discharges when it is turned off. This is a small current leak built in to the design of the hardware so it can't be fixed with a firmware change.

We recommend leaving the sensor connected to the charger whenever it is not in use. This does not have any negative effects on battery life. We have many users that have done this for more than 3 years with no problems.

The 100 minutes of battery life from a full charge is not normal. We typically see 3 to 5 hours even for well used units.

Could you try testing the battery life again now that you know the sensor loses charge even when it's turned off. If it's less than 3 hours from a full charge, then we will replace the battery for you.

Sorry for the inconvenience here.

Oh,, I just noticed your edit. That does sound like a battery problem. Email me at and let me know where you are located. We will work out getting it fixed or getting you a replacement.


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I ma not sure  what your  real name is, but in case you bought  the unit in Canada  please email  to  and they will immediately sent you a new  unit   and you return  the  not functioning one  to Fact. Cheers Juerg

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Along the lines of battery shelf life; I've noticed the same issue with the battery not lasting when turned off.  I'm getting maybe a week or so of shelf life.  Battery life seems fine when in use.

I've tried leaving it plugged in, but that also seems to result in a partial discharge; it may also be the "smart" usb charger I'm using.

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