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skier2 by scottspoo, on Flickr

This may seem like overload, but it has a lof of useful info!

The MOxy sensor was warn on the calf muscle of a Nordic Skier while running on a treadmill.Notice that a jump in VO2 corresponds to a drop in SmO2.Afterwards they steadily increase-decrease respectively until a sharper slope is displayed prior to a leveling off when the VO2 Max is reached.That point appears to correspond nicely with the lowest SmO2.This athlete surpasses the Aerobic Threshold (AT) relatively early, spending most of the workout in the Aerobic Zone.When reaching the Respiratory Compensation(RC) the athlete is predominantly anaerobic and cannot maintain that level of exertion much longer.I would hypothesize that the AT is actually earlier, closer to where the SmO2 makes its large drop.

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