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Here is an interesting graph for a non-priority muscle. It comes from a non-priority muscle on a cycling workout, during the warmup phase. The first minute was just a calibration (no cycling), and then an easy initial power slowly increasing.

The interesting part is the wave like function of THb, that converges in amplitude, presumably because there is there is blood pressure control taking place that takes a little while to converge to something more stable.

21 June BP convergence.png    
The rest of the workout also had some interesting results - particularly that Sm02 actually has its biggest drops on the non-priority muscle after the short more intense interval is done. The pattern may look like a respiratory curve shift, but i'm pretty sure it was not, and more likely related to patterns of re-oxygenation and bloodflow distribution prioritisations that the body is making.

21 June Other.png 

Would have been interesting to have another Moxy on the priority muscle here.


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I have observed similar patterns:

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