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Some times  certain    feedback and mails    help  to motivate another thought or step.
 So  Craig  Mahony
 Thanks for  the feedback.
Sometimes   I have to read   information  and ideas a few  times  so here  what inspired me :

This is  from Craig's  respond in the section Please take a moment

It may be useful to introduce users to Moxy more gradually. They need some practical guidelines to help get them going. The ebooks could perhaps be expanded on. While Juerg does not like a cookbook approach because all situations are different, I think the cookbook could be looked at as the 'basic' level and deeper understanding as the advanced level. Most of us need to go through the basic level first. I think getting users out there using Moxy with the basic understanding will help to get them further towards an advanced understanding. I believe the courses now being developed and on the Moxy Academy are a big step in the right direction.  

 You now  how it is  or I hope  at least.
 You learn  and get  educated over years n some fascinating options  t   create ides and training programs.
 Not different  o me. I  grew up in the   high days  of VO2 max testing  and   was  there  when  lactate  and G. Maders fascinating 2  and 4 mmol got introduced.  And  than over the following years  many many different ideas of lactate threshold  up  to over 20  options.
 As  s often mentioned  I  did 100'000 of  lactate sampling  and  many many VO2 max tests  and was  able to convince  the majority of my clients, that this is  what it needs , the  best of the best  and nothing  will com after that. But  than  once in a while   some words o  my   physiology teacher Prof  G. Schoenholzer  flair up .

As  soon you believe  you   have an answer  think again  and  challenge  your own ideas .
 The first challenge  on LT  we did  ,was the introduction of  the lactate balance point.
( google and see what you get ).

Than we started  to combine VO2  and lactate as many do. This  than o  combined  wih SEMG many years  back (  over 20 )
Than I met Frank Bour  and  noninvasive  cardiac hemodynamic got introduced  and added  and than I met Willy  from Artinis  and  NIRS  was the next  step. 

 And the rest is history  and ended  up  with  the   fascinating MOXY  and the options if properly  combined  with an  incredible in depth   interpretation on limiter and compensator.

 Than  you get  again  " blind"  and like to show  all you can do  and  completely forget  that it took over  10 years  to come to all this information's.
 no wonder  Craig  comes  up  ( and many other   readers )  with the request  of making in  easier to start out.
 The risk we have . that when we make it  too simply it may turn out  wrong.
 So  I  hope I can find a  decent   base  to  keep it simple  by going step y step through  what   finally ended up in a interpretation of NIRS  datas like we often do on here.

So I will try  at least over the next few weeks  to o pull  back  to a  decent start level , why we changed  what we changed. Ideas of  calculated  zoning in endurance sports  to  individual assessed intensities   . 
 Than as well how we use  NIRS/MOXY  daily  for  individual strength workouts  with live feedback.

I hope it  works  and , but I need  feedback  from readers  to guide where it is  too  easy or where I loose it again. So  please  come in with  critical  feedback  and  perhaps we can  engage   a few regular   readers into a  new  section of NIRS.
 Hope to start  this evening  as I have  visitors  here  from Switzerland  to learn more  about basic  use of NIRS  so will do some  basic  partial  intro to them  with lactate VO2   NIRS  and perhaps    as well SEMG.
I will use this datas  to  try the basic start here  well.
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