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There has probably already been an in-depth discussion
about using NIRS with respiration information (respiration
frequency RF and tidal volume TV).

If you had RF and TV available (in either real-time or
for post-session analysis) what things you could do
that you can't by just having NIRS alone?

Obviously post training analysis gives you more information,
but what about real-time feedback?

And related followup: there are also these sensor garments
that can measure muscle load. I am sure Juerg has tried this
already, but it would seem to be interesting to have muscle
load / SmO2 and ThB information avalaible for the same muscle.


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Yes    lots of feedback on respiration in connection with NIRS  and VO2 ideas. NIRS
post workout , post race  or  post assessment  interpretation is fun but really the idea of NIRS is  to use it live  as we  go along  and see, how and what influences  priority  and nonprioity  muscles  and how I can use the different physiological systems  to interact with each other either to force a limitation or  to use it as a  compensator.
 NIRS is one  of many bio feedback  for direct control off  physiological reaction and there for  control the   goal you have set  for a workout.

It is really fascinating the hesitation to  direct energy feedback, when  over  100 years now we desperately  tried  to find an option  and we  where close,  but most was indirect  with all the disadvantages. Indirect intensity we hoped   to use lactate. Indirect O2  intake  and utilization over a mask  at the mouth level   and so on. Now  you can see it  and  we do not use it we like to still go back and hang on our traditional great  but insufficient   feedback. We  desperately create  thresholds  with the  goal  to find a magic intensity , where we hope that  this is just where  O2 intake and  utilization are   jusst in balance  and therefor  can go  right or  left  so back into sufficient energy supply  or into a  delivery problem. Now  you can see it but we  do not use  it ????
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