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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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One of the sports, who had in the past some problems due to the  water  was swimming. There is very little of tools available for swim coaches to add physiological information to a workout.
 That create the common  swim programs  of  10 x 50 m with 2 min rest or what ever.
 Nicely  planned and organized workouts but with really  very limited physiological back up  on why 10 x  and why 50 m  and why 2 min rest.
 The combination of HR and  oxygenation ( MOXY ) can dramatically change the individualization of this sport.
 The main problem here as well will be tradition versus the  drive to look for new and  interesting options.
 MOXY  combined with Hosand allows you now to do an assessment for endurance reactions as well as for  oxygenation reactions in the water.
 You can have now live HR on the Deck as a coach  and you can have  immediate information  after the test  of the swimmer oxygenation reactions and therefor you can make individual  zoning based on physiological reactions rather than  speculations. The  third information is respiration rate   as well as stroke rate and you have ll the three simple bio marker like HR , RF and SmO2  paired with speed and stroke rate  and you will see a very different way we may design in the future  swim programs. We can no assess efficiency in the water  by looking at  Oxygenation trend  and how it changes , when we change respiration rate stroke rate  and  more.
  An exiting  new direction is now opening in front of our eyes.
 Let's see, what progressive swim coaches my take  up this challenge.
  Here  a  worlds first  of an IPAHR done  by Next level coaching (  an ice hockey  coaching group )   of a swim test  in the water with MOXY. Have fun.
 Pic 1  the full IPAHR  and SmO2 
 Pic  2  overlap of the three loads pic 3 and 4  a closer look at the  highest level of the load  and at the recovery reaction after the load.

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