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I  got this  link  sent  from Ruud. Thank you Ruud as always , Fun  to read as it sometimes feels nice  to  have some back up and not  getting the feeling to be  completely  "out  for lunch ". Joyner is a veyr   smart and interesting guy  with some  great   work  done. What is  for me amazing. Published  2016. The discussion started    for sure 1985  with some great  work  done  by Brooks  and  his group but  previous some additional real great work  by Dal Monte  and his critical look  at VO2 max  but many  more great  brains    from this time. As   some   readers may  see,  it is  incredible hard  to  get  some more  people involved in some  discussion  on this  topic  and why it is  really needed  to move  forward  with some   different   views on    all of what we do.

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