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Hi Everyone:
I just start using moxy in Costa Rica and I´m learning about it. I just use it on a long training session. I ran for 30 minutes without moxy monitor (my mistake I forget to put on) then i bike for almost 3 hours (80km)  now with moxy monitor and finally ran for 35 minutes. I would like to interpret the info during training and how to use it, at the end of the bike and the 35 running was so hard to me and I would like to map it to the Moxy data and how to use this information during training or in competence. I put my Moxy monitor in my VL right leg. I´m a amateur triathlete recovering from a injury and with a month of re-start training. There is a bunch of information in thsi moxy monitoring because its almost 4 hours training. Any comments or info that somebody can analyze and suggest me about my data,using the moxy monitor, interpretation, tips will be great for me.

Javier Sotela

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Welcome to the forum jsotela,

If you still have the data in the Moxy you may want to re-transfer the data  to the PC as it has lots of missing data points.  

From the data you already have it looks like VL SmO2  doesn't desaturate below 40% and it ramps up to 80%+ for the rest of the ride this could significant, however,  the Moxy sensor can be affected by sunlight and sensor moving from the original location placement.  If you could explain in more details on how you attached the sensor and did you use a light shield ?

 I would suggest in performing a 5-1-5 cycling assessment this will give you a better feedback on your current physiological condition too

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