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Juerg, g'morning.

Following a few months of combining a non-invasive, live feedback from Moxy, it wasn't very difficult for me to choose to move off lactate sampling. Sorry about the business consideration [frown] 

I say it wasn't very difficult because many of the clients served at my gym are most-often first-timers to workouts and especially to screens, assessments, testing. Most new starts are not even looking for this option.

During new client intro chats, screenings are introduced as means of individual baselining; discussing initial workloads (to start I rarely program more than 2 different loads for many) sorry physiomandan [wink]; and to chart changes (hopefully performance improvement).

I was never too thrilled about "poking" (as you say) this audience, in fact I've had many folks refuse it due to needling phobias, while the non-invasive MOXY has never been resisted based on perceived fear of pain (although I'm still not crazy about taping  it to folks, but I digress, I've come to terms with it because of compression issues with the 10+ different limb wraps i've compared.).
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