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Hi guys!

Yesterday I got my Moxy5 sensor - I’m endlessly excited! However, I have some issues with setting it up. 

I’ve tried to follow steps described in the manual, but I wasn’t successfull. At first, I’ve opened Moxy Sensor Settings App on Google Chrome on Windows 8.1. I clicked on „Connect the sensor” button but nothing happens - I suppose it’s incompatibility between Windows 8 and Web BLE usage.
Now I’m trying to run it from Linux. I click the same button, I get the scanning for device window, but it still can’t find my sensor. Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance for help,


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Hi Tom,

Yes, this is a Windows 8 limitation.

The app should connect with:

Windows 10 on a Chrome Browser
MacOS with Chrome
Android with Chrome
iOS devices with the WebBLE browser (settings online, it doesn't do the firmware update)

The settings app is only needed to change the sensor settings and to download data stored on the sensor and update the firmware.  If you are collecting the data with PerfPro or a Garmin, then you wouldn't need to use the settings app.

Your firmware is already the latest versions so you don't need to update that right now.

Give me a call at 320-296-1010 if you'd like some help.

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