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Using Moxy with GC 3.4 is a little frustrating, but works well overall.


  1. For real time use, I can pair GC to my Moxy or my Kickr Snap FE-C, but not both together. I can select either device in the ANT+ pairing menu and it pairs okay, but when I select the other, it's never detected. The work around is to add the device to the coma separated list on the next dialog, and the training mode picks up all devices.
  2. GC will calculate oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin. I’ve found these two values to be more interesting than total hemoglobin or SmO2.
  3. I’ve not been able to get GC to record data from Moxy in real time mode, even though the values displayed on the screen appear to be correct.
  4. In real time mode, that doesn’t appear to be a way of crossing the values from Moxy, something that’s a real shame. If anybody knows a way around this, please let me know.

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Im working on another app

mainly bcs I need that live graph with smo2 and tHb. I hope that first result will be ready in few weeks.

Or, GC is opensource, I also tried to modify inserted graphs. Its annoying too 😃

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Interested in this please keep us posted.
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