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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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I got a great email  today  from a test center on MOXY:  here my take  but first the  content  in a summary.  It seems  to  be  very   annoying  to  every time  move the  MOXY an a  small plastic   bag and than tape it  to the  location.  I am not sure  if that is  good for a center use ?

 Here a pic  how it would look  here with a Portamon   which is slightly  bigger  than the MOXY. 

I  " have" to completely agree with you.
 This is really hard too do  and lot's of work as it will take at least  2 - 3 minutes   and than you have only  live info  from your client.
 I  " clearly " would stick with the  much better options  you have.
 1. VO2  max  equipment. Easy to keep clean   and  you can use the mask  actually without  cleaning, as long the customer does not   see it. Saves money and time and it is great to   use this mask during   jumps  and sprints  and  vigorous  exercises.
  The other  option even nicer  for ongoing information is this. Only slightly painful , no risk of  contamination  and super r great if properly  adjusted  during exercises  even BOXING.

 Well what  can I say more ??????   No questions asked  just ask the  customer ???

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