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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Here an old old video, when we introduced a unique way of working on the   second part of the VO2max = CO x (a-v) O2 difference.
 The result of this early integration of some interesting ideas shows up, when you look at the  kids on the video and where they are today.  Read the  sport news look at Triathlon London 2012 and loo  at any MTB world cup this days what nation is dominating the  top 20 positions in every single race. 
 The below pictures  shows you   an old old presentation  in  a   bike camp in Giverola Spain many many years back and  if you look at the  connection between the   second part of the Fick equation, than you see endless new option of working out.
 What we missed at that time  was a  biofeedback in the field as the athletes where working out,. What we had is a lab equipment but no field equipment.
 What MOXY offers us now will be a BIO watch , a biofeedback option , where the athletes and  rehab  clients can see live how the   one info from the CO  ( HR ) and the one info from the VE  (RF )  influence  the second part the a-v O2 difference with SmO2 and tHb info feedback life on your wrist.

Her at the end a fun question.
 On this old old picture are 2  boys, who now are the dominant cyclists in their field  in north america.
 Remember   when we talked about functional reaction versus structural integration. Well structural  changes take place in a very specific age and  with a very specific training idea.

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