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I think we reached  now a point, where  we can go  even deeper  and show  the limitation  and  as well  advantages  when using  MOXY on a  single or multiple muscle. I like to show  an example  form outside our kitchen  so    nobody  can   say  conflict of interest. I start this section thanks  to Etienne  and his last step  explanation.
 He  stated  that he  started to think  about his  pedal  technique so stop  just pushing but start more pulling.  You see the reaction  at the last SmO2 and tHb reaction. of VL. Meaning he  reduce  recruitment in VL   therefor needed less O2  and relaxed  muscle compression so CO  is better effective  to increase tHb.
 But he  pushed the same wattage.
 He  therefor  had  to recruit  another muscle  to maintain performance.
 So more  O2 use  and  classical ideas  lactate increases  more  as more areas  will need  to buffer H +.  But  SmO2  will not  drop or create a BP.
 LT  break point  and ideas ???? 
Now  watch  Ruud sent me this

DC  rian  examplee  VL  and  calf.jpg 

Forget the scale  look  trends look three loads  stable  240 300 and 230 watt.
 Now look  dark blue on top VL   light blue bottom  calf.
 Look   the reaction. we would expect  lower SmO2  by higher wattage. What is the difference between  calf  and VL  More  and nicer  section to come.

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