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Has anyone looked at using Moxy during IHE? I've been using a simple pulse oxymeter for IHE for some time, and it occurs to me that it would be interesting to know what is happening to the muscle O2.

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We use  NIRS  for  targeted  IHTraining since many years. we  combine did  with SpO2  as  there is  a question on how  you   create  IH. We  use a  technique  called  hypoxic  hypercapnic  workouts, as the hypoxia  alone   will not trigger  changes  in  SmO2  that easy. If you combine it  with  controlled  hypercapnia  you can easy see it in the systemic  reaction of  SmO2.
 The problem . There is a limitation how much  hypercapnia  you  can use  to not create  some health  or at least uncomfortable   head ache  due to a  too high pCO2.
 We  do often 5 min durations  of  hypoxic  hypercapnia   and guide the hypercapnic  over the reaction  we see as well in SpO2. We  did  many years back some blood studies  and EPO studies  with a NZ  doctor  . Giles Turner. Than I am just doing  now this with a  south African  doctor   in cycling  and we  had some super interesting test done here  with  one of te worlds  top  thinking triathlon  coaches  form Balance point training  Dr. A. Sellars  in  our  small hospital in quesnel in the Ops  room to see, how far SpO2  is allowed  to drop to  be  on the save side  with EtCO2  values.  So  short answer to your  question. SpO2  alone  does not  give you  a  real seen feedback , whether the  Hypoxia  actually triggers something  in the muscles. In fact there are some studies  dine who show , that  nothing may actually happen  just due to hypoxia alone. Will search for the paper as I had  it  out just  lately.
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