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Juerg here's a screenshot of a couple Soccer athletes we ran through some tests with MOXY. I've attached videos of the actual course we ran them through also. It was our best attempt to create a game like situation where they would have to run, kick, pivot, etc. It was roughly a 40sec course, followed by 2mins of rest. The first athlete actually had a bit longer rest since we had the chairs by the finish and it took another 30-40sec to walk back to the start...

I thought this would be a fun one to post up with the screenshot and video.. Let me know if anybody has problems viewing anything?? There was quite the contrast between these two guys so it's nice to look at. (Most of the soccer guys we've tested so far look like the first athlete)

Really I wanted to discuss interval length and rest periods as they pertain to soccer. I used a similar protocol to what you and Brian had created for the Ice Hockey athletes, but should we think about changing it up for the soccer guys? There is no bench for them to rest on in between plays, and in the time between plays, they are still walking/jogging to get back into proper position.

Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated...
ps. I was very cold and windy that day so please excuse the hurricane sounds

Athlete #1

Athlete #2

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