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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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What sounds initially kind of utopic may in fact be possible.
Here some very short steps to think through.
Let's see how good we are now  after all this readings and discussion.
1. What produces more CO2   fat metabolism or glucose metabolism. ?
2. What needs more O2 for the  same ATP  production , fat metabolism or glucose
3.Now what creates a stronger respiratory drive  CO2 or  O2 ?
4.Now if the respiratory system is a LIMITER  what would happened when TV is getting lower and RF is getting up.
5. Now what does than mean when the O2 Diss curve is  shifting left or right. ?
6. What kind of reaction would we  expect or  really see depending where the O2 Diss curve moves. 
7. Now move this into a combination of lung disease  and or altitude  training and or sport events, where we push for glucose feeding. What if the respiratory system is a limiter and we use glucose ?
 Moxy will give  in many of tehis question and interesting answer.
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