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Hi All,

I'm wondering if the moxy device could interact with the Hexoskin.
The Hexoskin monitors your breathing and gives you information howto improve your breathing.
I'm quite sure that this could influence the moxy readings.  What do you think ?

The hexoskin can be found here:

Best Regards,
Bart Coddens

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Definitely, breathing can affect SmO2 and THb.

Integration of Moxy with the Hexoskin really depends on the software that's used to collect or analyze the data.

I am not aware of any software that has implemented compatibility with both the HexoSkin API and the ANT+ Muscle Oxygen Profile to collect the data wirelessly.

The ANT+ Muscle Oxygen Profile is very straight forward to add, so if there is an app or software that you are currently using with Hexoskin, you could contact the author and ask them if they would be willing to add in the Muscle Oxygen ANT+ profile to integrate the Moxy data.

For data analysis, it looks like you can get a .csv file out of the Hexoskin software and you can also get a .csv file out of the Moxy.  You could use a spreadsheet program like Excel to analyze the data from the .csv files, but this couldn't be done live. 

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