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Hi all,

My trainer is very good in bike fitting. I want to promote moxy for his athletes and in bike fitting. Does anybody know how the moxy could be used in bikefitting scenarios?

Best regards,
Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Very  easy>
 If you have   Guru  bike fitting station than it is even easier.
 You  ride an easy  wattage in the STEI  intensity  and keep always same wattage. Now  you  change settings in    saddle height  ,  length of bike, arm  positions with  and so on  and pedal  crank length    and you can see,  by what position you actually start  to reduce  or  increase tHb  Blood flow  and whether the change in blood flow as well nl influences  the SmO2  reaction as  that you for example on a stable SmO2  level you should have in STEI  suddenly start to drop due to  vasoconstriction  form the new  position.
 Easy to  make a demo is  ride free handed     and look what happens in tHb  and  SmO2  than go   on the  handle bar  height  and look and than go into aero position and look  and always keep same  wattage    and it can be on a  very low  level..
. .
 This is  physiological  easy bike fitting. You can do the  same by taking  lactate or VO2    but this way it is super easy and you can   put moxy on 4  or more areas , as in one are  you may loos e   tHb    and in an other are  you may improve it. With lactate and VO2  you  just have the overall  feedback which is great but you do not know  , whether  some positions  where actually better  and some very  very  bad.

 This is a great concept   and it is used  not just  in cycling but   even more in other sports  like in ice hockey  how to sit on the bench to recover  best or  how to move  in a tennis  game in between  services   and    so on.
 In bike fitting it is  super simple as you have  all on  one spot. Good luck.
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