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We are working on identifying a problem that a small number of users might have with noise on the Analog to Digital converter inside the Moxy sensor.  We don't have many details yet.
The symptom of this problem is SmO2 readings that fluctuate more than 10% very rapidly even when measuring on a stable subject.

We may ask some of you to check the noise on your sensor.

If you have been asked to check the noise on your sensor, please follow the steps below.  If you suspect that you have this problem on you sensor, please contact Roger at before proceeding with this test.
1) Uninstall the current version of the Moxy PC App.  Click on the Windows icon in the lower left of your screen and select "Control Panel" then "Programs and Features".  Then wait for the list to populate and select "MOxyPC" and "Uninstall"
2) Download the setup.exe file down below and then run it to install a new version of the Moxy PC App.
3) Connect your sensor and run the PC App.
4) Place your sensor on a hard surface like a desk top. Cover the sensor with an opaque material.  The attachment strap works well for this.  Make sure you block all ambient light from reaching the sensor.  A sure-fire way to block ambient light is to place a piece of black vinyl electrical tape over the optodes.
5) Click on the "Noise Level" button on the PC app.  Wait about 30 second for the test to complete.  There will be 4 numbers on the screen.  The 2 larger numbers should be less than 5000.  If they are bigger, try rerunning the test with better ambient light blocking.

6) Email all 4 numbers resulting from the test to

Thank you for your help

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