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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
The most common current question is:
 MOXY sounds interesting but it seems somewhat to complicated to use. ?
 If this is the general feeling, than we have to be better in explaining what we do .
 Here another attempt and an example, how our clients and athletes see the result and what they do with it.
1. Oxygen is the  most needed energy source, if we like to do any kind of an activity.
 As such  we have a tool now with MOXY to see the trend and numbers on how oxygen levels react in our working muscles.
It is not different than a HR monitor , where yous see current frequency on how your heart beats  or wattage where you see a physical result on how much load you apply on your  bike pedals.
 The main difference is :
 The wattage you see are fun to watch but you do not know , whether you can sustain this numbers and  how much longer.
 HR as well will tell you whether your heart beats faster  or slower or is stable but again will not tell you how long you may be able to go with the number.
 SmO2  will tell you  , when you look first just the trend , whether you will be able to sustain this effort, whether you are actually easy sustain it  or may be able to hold it or may actually start to loose the effort ability .
 Here what you look for.
 a) If SmO2 values increase you are  pretty sure that you increase the available Oxygen in your working muscle and as such will be able to sustain this effort.

B) if SmO2  start to  balance ( get stable) after the  increase you know you reached a homeostasis in intake and use of O2  and you are as some older term would explain  in a steady state of O2 intake and use.

c) If SmO2 starts to drop you are in an intensity , where the supply of O2  for the moment can't keep up with the use of O2  and as such  you will decrease your O2 storage or supply option and it is a question of time , when you have to look for other options than O2  to supply ATP to the working muscles.
 So three simple clear to find " Zonings"
 Based on this you can get more into details depending on the level of information you may gather with other tools like VO2  , Watt, HR, RF . Lac  and so on.
It is all about combination of physiological information.
 So to make it simple>
 Fro a beginner you now have a HR and SmO2. A street in front of your house or a wattage trainer.
 You look for the trend in SmO2 and you have the first time since we talk about individual Zoning, a system, where you do not use a calculator but simply direct information from your Physiological systems and combine it with traditional  additional markers like HR  or Wattage  or a combination.
 Here an example of a simple step test with some add on ideas but basically just to show you one option.
 You can use  many different protocol ls.
 The main question is, whether your protocol allows the physiological systems to react accordingly or whether your protocol will decide the outcome of the physiological reaction.
 EUK in partnership with MOXY Fortiori offers you services , where you get feedback and interpretation help  and once you have all this interesting feed backs you will be able to run easy  MOXY alone or in any combination with current already available feed backs. is the connection and ask  over a mail for services and fees. The head quarter is in Zuerich Switzerland.
 Here a print form a test result we did yesterday with HR monitor , MOXY and a simple wattage trainer.

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Woww  fast respond and good point.
Question : How do you find besides the SmO2 the  "zoning"
 Again it is a question on how complex you like to get.
 The initial question was:
 Make it simple.
 So here  something slightly above simple.
 1. Client will get  one sheet  with his  individual zoning based on SmO2. Guided by HR as the most simple way to run outside.
 Than he can add if he likes as a bike wattage if he has this tools.
 And he can add RF   as another simple  bio marker.

 Step  one a MOXY competency center will do is to check Quality control  on the MOXY placement.
 See att. 1.
 If this is acceptable he will look at SmO2 trend.
 Than add his HR information  and Plus what ever he likes to add.
 . He than can look at tHb as  in many cases an indicator of blood flow ( but not always ).
 Based on that  he than can get  Cardio , respiratory , indirect gas exchange and lactate in ( If he likes it complex) or he simple can look at oxygenation trends  as well as a competency center on HHb and O2 Hb trends. Here in  the following sequence.
 1. Pic Total  intensity  TIP
2. Quality control feedback from the same test.
3tHb and SmO2 feedback
 4. O2 and HHb  feedback.
 This is a small exert from a MOXY competency center test and software. (

This is an example from a test we got from NZ and one of our long term contributor  to critical thinking outside the Box

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