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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
The  emails  and calls I am getting over the last few month are more and more asking one  very specific  question.
 How  and  who uses  the  MOXY in real  live  applications.
 One  of this  questions  was  sent to out  forum  as some of you may remember.

" I'm still trying to wrap my head around how Moxy could help me in my interval training's
and outside training's.  My coach prescribes me this routine"

 First a very general answer.
MOXY is  heavily used in gyms  and closed in facilities  for the moment  in sports, where in the past we had no real feedback on  performance besides  numbers  like 15  resp  and so on. Now  many coaches in team sports  and  many  personal  trainers, who like to offer something more  individual  as an approach  with their teams  and or private clients see this as  an opportunity  to make that specific  difference In the  very competitive  market  of fitness  and  sports activities. The team advantage  now is, that you train together  but with your individual  program  and ability. You make  intervals  together   as a team  but  everybody  has  his or her individual  load  time  and recovery time  and numbers  of sets  before   your body tells you that is it  for today.

 Here  a nice  rare insight view  in one  of  Switzerland's  top  teams  and their  progress  from a  cookbook team approach  to a very individual but fun team workout. This training centers    has   top world class athletes  coming to workout  from all over the world   and  you look their results  and approaches  and you a  will be not surprised, that  they get overrun with good paying clients.

ZSC  3  arno moxy.jpg 
Arno  applying a MOXY on an athletes.
 Small not critic  but idea.  I wrap the moxy in a cellophane  wrap  ( like for  food  )  before I tape it on  so I have no  glue  or  left over on the  MOXY   and it is  easy  and fast.
Now ready to go

ZSC live.jpg 

 Nice picture  ,you see some  working  still ,some  have a rest  some really focused  on what is going on  live in front  of them.  The key is  brain and body  are  fully engaged in what you do: It is  athlete  coach  and  concentration to have a quality workout. The below picture is a great demonstration on  how the training  (including decision  of   loads  and fatigue [wink]  may be   directed  over the brain   and coach and athlete as they see that live.

ZSC live.5  peri.jpg

 It is all about goal setting  and how good of a  quality for the workout  do we reach in our goal setting.

ZSC live.6  peri.jpg

Isn't it strange. Sine  over 100 years  we  try to find a  golden formula  or  equipment, which can tell us, where we  get metabolically into trouble. We  look over mouth pieces  as this was  one  way to  see O2  reactions, we than started  to poke   fingers  ears  and more  to get  at least some indirect  feed backs  on metabolic challenges  going, we  where  s desperate looking for the   "Point"  better  area  or    range, where we  start to run into some kind  of a metabolic challenge.
 We  used  all great  and super smart indirect  options.
 Now  of a sudden we  actually can be there live  as it happens  and what  do we  do,  we    in many cases are getting scared  to  at least  try to implement it in our current indirect  systems. In fact  we  actually make a step back wards  an look at live  what happens and than go back  and compare it with  an indirect  questionable  value  like lactate.
 What is strange on this  picture  or ideas.
 Is it , that we may have to go  and redefine  certain dogmas  and rules.
 Do we   have problems  to accept that  we  do not have  to cool down to get  rid  of lactic  acid.
 Is it a problem  to accept that there  is no  need for a lactate tolerance  workouts  anymore.
 Do we  loose , when we  agree that there is no LT point  at all ??
 Many great questions going  since many years through my mind  and  through the mind  of many   other  people  working in this field.

Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Here a document  with some practical discussion to start up.

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