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Brainless  testing  and  training  versus brain involved  physiological guided  workouts   and assessments. Sometimes  it is  so great to get  some  back up  for crazy ideas  form really great  accepted   places. Here a great example and a  small inside in may daily great  mail stimulation.
 This is  from Ruud.
 Here my short feedback  over mail

Happy New year

 and thanks  for your  fun feedback's. Yes this is a great article  and it is nice  to see  that  my idea on brainless  versus brain involved  has some  support  now. I will show in the forum a presentation I made  over  25 years back in Spain on this subjects. There are    more  of this supports  done  by Noakes  a  few  years  back and his group  he   presented  in a  seminar I was, showing the  same results on Kenian ( we had  this on the forum as  well ) runners  and  other sports.

 It makes  completely sense, as   every  person  has  his  of her individual  time lag  to try to integrate  the  team into the bets survival   activity  and that's  where  he or she will reach   an optimal delivery and  utilization   ability. Paced  step test   . but for sure  paced 3 min step test  are far to short   once we reach a  certain intensity  to allow a proper  integration of all team members.

 On the one side  we  use  that for certain physiological stimulation ideas  so we  can   keep one system out  or   can integrate  one system more   once we know limiter  and compensator  timing  and  the lag time of the different  systems.

Have a great  day  and thanks  as usual for  your  always stimulation mails.


And below   for  people more intersted  to  question our  own  ideas on VO2   and the use of it.

self paced.jpg 

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