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Is there an established protocol for monitoring training
progress using Moxy assessments?

For example, with lactate-based testing one can look at
lactate curve with respect to velocity (or power) and 
maximum lactate production to assess training progress.

Is there a good way to do that with Moxy? You can't look at 
absolute numbers of ThB and SmO2, so how can you actually
look at your training and determine if you are actually improving 
or not.

Development Team Member
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I would suggest the following:
A) is the limiter you identified still present, or if so, does the limitation occur at the same workload. If the limiter has changed then that may be progress. If the workload has increased before the limiter starts coming into effect then that is progress.
B) if beforehand you could not desaturate much then have you improved your ability to desaturate? 
C) if your SmO2 never reached high levels, can it now get higher. A change in this aspect is likely to take a long while to occur.
These are just a few things off the top of my head.

The purpose of the moxy to my mind is to identify physiological limitations then monitor them during training. A change in the limitation or when the limitation occurs should be progress.
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