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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Here an interesting case study done by EUK In Switzerland  during a  downhill ski  training   whit a world  class athlete  on the Glacier.
Goal of the assessment was:
- to see practical applications in extreme  conditions with MOXY.
-multiple  MOXY  use on  both  legs  hamstrings  and  quadriceps  plus  an upper body.
- verify  symmetrical  metabolic   ability  as well as   blood flow , resp.  contraction quality , based on   tHb trend (  look  for   compression outflow , venous  occlusion trend /outflow restriction  and or even  art occlusion situations.

 Here  fro the ski coaches  as well as Rehab  people to show  how we  can do a functional assessment  after Rehab, when gong back on snow. The same  can be done  for  any sport.  Meaningful feedback on  functional ability    from a physiological point of  view  may be  at least as important  as the  absolute power feedback  of the strength. Below  are 7  runs  in an overall picture from  left and right  quadriceps  activity  respective  oxygenation / deoxygenation trend

left  r  quad smo2 all.jpg

 Pretty symmetrically  with perhaps  a  small lower  deoxygenation on the dark green leg.

 So metabolically  pretty great  rehab  program .

 Now  below  overall tHb  view  and  not  a lot  we can say  about this so we  have to go much closer into each  turn.r  left  quad tHb all.jpg
 Very close look in a single  high speed  run. What can the coach see here. Coincident.?

r closer look 2    push off thb.jpg

Let's look  second run.

r closer look 3    push off thb.jpg 
 Intriguing practical application  to use  against  time and performance , when looking on the quality of a   workout. . This  is a  direct feedback, where the risk of  a  re injury  will be  and has to be addressed  when  looking at the speed this people move down the mountain.  There  is NO metrics  here, it is  all individual  optimal training  consulting  for the health  of the athlete  so he  can perform.

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